Recording ssession in January 2023 at Polish Radio S2 Studio

The recording was realized by our colleague Mateusz Banasiuk based on Pyramix DAW with MassCore Horus and ANUBIS and PSI Audio active monitors as main tools for the whole project.
The session in Dolby Atmos setup is to be released on Warner Music next year.
The project of  Gluck Opera „Orfeo ed Euridice” with the partipipation of world renowned Polish contra tenor  Jan  Jozef Orlinski – in the photo and set of international soloists and musicians.
The recording session took place in S2 Studio at Polish Radio Warsaw in 5 days session.
ProfiAudio IP has provided PSI Audio monitors, Merging Horus and Anubis.
They used ANUBIS in two crucial tasks:  as for audio monitoring Dolby Atmos versus Stereo format and for Intercom communication from Regie to Studio applying Ravenna Connection from ANUBIS to Horus.
As a backup theys used second Pyramix DAW for security reasons.
As microphones setup over 40 different units  including a pair of Microtech Gefell M950 big membrane large cardioid  and M221 small membrane omni, DPA for orchestra  and Hum ribbon models for cembalo.
The main pair for soloists M950 were very efficiant and Mateusz told it was the best choice of all the mics he tried for soloists.
For Dolby Atomos monitoring  set of 2 PSI Audio A21M  and all the rest of PSI Audio A14M.
It was not necessary to use subwoofers.
To enhance dry accoustic of Regie Room at Polish Radio, Mateusz applied for monitoring purposes Flux Reverb Plugin in Pyramix.
The later editing and mastering will be realized on Pyramix DAW at ProfiAudio  Dolby Atmos Studio later in the year 2023.
The album is planned to be released in early 2024.
Jan Jozef Orlinski told
„I am very impresive  of Pyramix functionality and sounding. I have had good experience with this system in the past during my recording sessions in France within participation of key project engineer at Merging – Mr Noir and know him personally.
I could also feel the transparent sound of PSI Audio active monitors during our – myself and Mateusz earlier production of Adela Album last year we did with piano and guitar at Szczecin Philharmonic – North Poland.