About us

ProfiAudio IP is pro audio, telecom and clocks system company providing products and services for broad group of customers in Poland and central Europe.

The Establishment of ProfiAudio IP
Created in 1997 as Ltd company and first in Poland official distributor of Swiss brand Studer AG from Zurich, the activities were mostly focused on broadcast market - radio and television. In the same year we started to provide and setup radio automation software for scheduling, production and on air of radio program, based on Studer solutions as well as German manufacturers DAVID and Dira VCS.The same year we started partnership with another Swiss brands Merging technology - manufacturer of famous on the market Pyramix recording, editing and mastering system and Audio over IP networked high end converters. Another Swiss brand with long tradition PSI Audio - producing precise reference studio monitors for stereo as well as immersive sound solutions. Next year we started sole distribution of German studio microphones of Microtech Gefell - created in 1928 and former Georg Neumann Berlin.
The Company Modernization
In 2015 the company passed formal and logistic modernization to fit better to challenging market focusing on internet sales and marketing tools with activities on music, education and public domain sectors of economy as well as theatre and cultural events applications and involved infrastructure. Following this trend we started as ProfiAudio IP sole distribution of British brand GlenSound with their 60 years history and strong commitment in audio over IP Dante AES67 and sports events and cultural activities related technologies. We did enhanced as well our activities on education market, providing solutions for universities, music schools and cultural centers, both in know how as well as project and delivery issues.
Our mission

Our goal is to offer services and solutions for Polish and central European countries. 

We speak English, French, German, Spanish and of course Polish to your and your partners convenience.